Transform Your Fear, Fall in Love with Life,
& Embrace your brilliance

Within both the painful and pleasurable experiences that have shaped us, there is a priceless wisdom.

Within both the painful and pleasurable experiences that have shaped us there is a priceless wisdom.

Heal Your Past, Fall in Love with Life and Discover Your Unique Purpose.

Sandie Bershad

Say goodbye to overwhelm, stress, and burn-out.
Say Hello to greater self-love, confidence, and the freedom to do what you love.

Dive deeply into the well of your full potential with acclaimed Empowerment Coach & Mentor for Highly Sensitive Individuals & Empaths, Sandie Bershad, MA.

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Transformational Coaching

Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Do you feel dissatisfied or confused about your life direction? Do you yearn to feel more trust and have the freedom to do what you love? Are you ready to alleviate the stress, overwhelm, & beliefs that are holding you back from actualizing the highest vision for your life?

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awakening the woman coaching program

   Awakening the Woman

Are you an intelligent, creative, & intuitive woman who has a longing to live from a deeper space of trust, confidence, self-love, pleasure and embodiment? Do you desire the opportunity to play bigger, get more visible, & share your voice and gifts with the world? Do you feel it’s time to release old beliefs and stories getting in the way of you having the life and love you’ve only dreamed was possible?

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Mentoring for Highly Sensitives & Empaths

Are you a Highly Sensitive Individual or Empath that often feels overwhelmed, burned-out, or burdened by your emotions & sensitivities ? Do you often feel alone or like no one truly “gets” you? Do you long to feel more confident, empowered, & trusting in your capacity to care for yourself, and discover the innate superpowers within your sensitivities?

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Imagine a world in which your deepest wounds and sensitivities have become your greatest gifts.

Journey home to a more authentic WAY OF BEING!

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  • “Sandie is no doubt a force to be reckoned with. I have full trust in her capability to see and work with both the light and shadows of this world and within herself. Sandie’s ability to hold space for the people in her life is profound. There are not too many things in this world more powerful than the ability to truly see and hear a person. Every time I am in Sandie’s presence I can feel my nervous system take a big, long, deep breath. It is a gift she is in my life. I highly recommended her services and I am honored and proud that she is a part of my life.”

    —S. Voss

  • “Sandie’s warmth and openness make her unique. Her presence is very inviting. Her willingness to be authentic in who she is, allows those around her to do the same.”

    —Megan Larson, MSW, LCSW, C-SPT

  • “Sandie entered my life with open arms and an open heart. Sandie’s willingness and compassion to heal reflected in me my gifts as a healer. Sandie has a divine presence in my life. By her guidance, I have come to understand the responsibility and passion we share to love the world. In Sandie’s presence I feel immense love and acceptance! After experiencing her treatments I was able to integrate that love and apply a deep acceptance to myself and traumas from my childhood. I will forever be grateful and influenced by Sandie’s openness and power which has helped me in so many ways to further my journey to spiritual and emotional enlightenment!”

    –James D., Healer & Reiki Master