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About 11

I would imagine that if you are here today, that you are feeling an urgency to discover something about yourself that might feel just out of reach. There is a calling within you to become who you know you are meant to be that is demanding to be answered.

In your heart of hearts, you recognize that you have indispensable wisdom and gifts that are meant to be shared. You have courageously accepted the invitation to follow a path of being of service because you know the world desperately needs the unique medicine you have to offer.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you at this very moment, at this particular time in our existence.

I am also excited to be able to share a bit about me and my personal journey.

About 12

I was initiated into spiritual practice and inquiry at a very young age. I began formally training in meditation at the age of 12 and started receiving mentorship for spiritual inquiry and development at around the same time. 

When I was younger, the core of my identity was organized around feeling misunderstood and like I was different in a way that others would never be able to understand, accept, unconditionally support, and love.

As a highly sensitive individual, I was continually absorbing what was in my environment. It was a challenge for me to discern the difference between my inner experience and outer experience, and that of others. 

I spent more time out of my body than in it, and it felt much safer to be dissociated from the physical world rather than inhabiting it. Overwhelm and anxiety was my baseline, and debilitating chronic pain and illness were my most loyal companions. For many years, the pain was the only consistent anchor I had to keep me tethered to this reality.

And yet, like most individuals who identify with the wounded healer’s archetype, I, one day, became intimate with the understanding that my wounds were shaping me for a very specific purpose. 

The grief of feeling gravely misunderstood and unseen in a world that didn’t yet know how to support me catalyzed me to pursue a very particular calling. 

I had a profound yearning to transform what I believed to be a broken system and model that was sorely underprepared to serve humanity in the way it most needed. I longed to create a world in which more integrative, holistic understandings and approaches of healing the body, mind, and spirit were the norm.

I was being initiated through the wilds of my deepest pains and wounds and learning to alchemize the bitterest of medicines.

 It is through the process of learning to alchemize my deepest wounds that I became inspired to support others on their own journeys of greater becoming. 

For the past 16 years, I have supported hundreds of individuals on their pathways of awakening to their true nature and unique ways of being and weaving magic in the world. 

Embodiment is my medicine, and I utilize deep attunement of the body, emotional landscapes, and energy systems as the doorways to revealing the majesty of each individual’s unique architecture and genius.

Through our work together, we co-create a sacred space to safely voyage into the terrains of the foundational imprints and patterning that shape your identity and beliefs. We slowly begin to decode the stories, beliefs, and identities that you’ve held most closely. 

This work is a process of intimate knowing and becoming in which you begin to unspool the threads of who you think you are so the truth of all that you are can safely emerge.

It is an invitation to discern the difference between the implicit conditioning, beliefs, and imprints that you have carried within you from your family lineage and upbringing and the foundational truths of your deepest essence beyond the conditioned self.

 It is a journey of freeing yourself from the self-imposed confines and limitations that are inhibiting your deeper expression.

The time has come for you to discover the arc of your true potential and the exact ways your innate gifts, creative genius, and authentic wisdom are meant to be shared.

I am profoundly honored and excited to journey with you as we dive into the depths of your deeper becoming and the embodiment of all that you actually are, and the exact ways you are meant to be in service in this lifetime.


Qualifications & Experience:


  • Naropa University, Boulder, CO – M.A. Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
  • Naropa University, Boulder, CO – B.A., Dual major – Somatic Psychology and the Psychology of Health and Healing


  • Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy™ Certification
  • Vibrational Healing Sounds Intensive® Certification
  • Usui Reiki, Level II
  • Theta Healing Certification, Level II
  • IRECA Level II (Integrative Healing Method)


  • Soul of Leadership Training, Facilitated by Nisha Moodley
  • WINC Business Development and Marketing Training
  • Shambhala Meditation, Training Level III
  • Internal Family Systems Workshop (Somatic Psychology Techniques)
  • Hanna Somatics (Somatic Movement Based Therapy)
  • Shamanic Healing Vision Seeker Workshop, Level 1
  • Spring Forest Qi Gong, Level II
About 15

Internationally recognized, Sandra has appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense, Good Morning America, and The Doctors for her intuitive gifts and work advocating awareness and understanding of highly sensitive individuals and “Indigo” children. Sandie continues to advocate for the awareness of highly sensitive children and adults, providing alternative resources and support that encourages integration, empowerment, and resilience in an intensely challenging and beautiful world.

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