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Chasing Freedom: Discovering the Courage to be Wholly and Fully Ourselves

Chasing Freedom: Discovering the Courage to be Wholly and Fully Ourselves 1

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved to move and dance. My mother has always said that she could actually feel me dancing within her womb during pregnancy. 

She noticed that when the same certain songs would play that I would always move with greater energy and expression, as if I already had my favorites. When I was born, she was surprised to find that I would replicate the same movements that I made within her womb.

Movement and dance have always been extraordinary vehicles of my self-expression, and the fastest ways to reconnect with myself and sense of center. I never experience such unbridled freedom when I am surrendering to the impulse, allowing my body to move in whatever way feels good. 

Movement can help us unwind trauma and energy that is stuck in our nervous system and bodies. Giving ourselves the permission to move in a non-linear way gives us access to stored cellular memory and imprinting in our conscious mind, as well as the greater wells of our unconscious.

If we begin to expand our awareness to include our bodies and start to track our movements, we might notice that there are specific movements we make as well as certain ways of holding ourselves that we always return to. 

Our experiences and memories have irrevocably molded us. 

Our body exists as an intricate map revealing everything that has ever happened to us with every subtle and not so subtle movement we make. We have access to an unfathomable wisdom encoded within every cell of our being. 

I always tell my clients that if we experience it within our bodies, we always have the ability to return to it. 

This means that although we have the ability to access the imprinting around our most painful and challenging experiences, that we also have the ability to return to the places that have felt the most pleasurable, nourishing, and empowering for us. 

There is a point in our work together that my clients begin to expand beyond the old paradigm of certain habits and conditioning that they’ve had their whole lives. 

In the expansion that is happening, they are naturally afraid to leave behind what has felt known and familiar, and as a result, comforting in the discomfort. 

Whenever we are formulating a new habit or beginning to embody a new way of being the same fears arise.

What if I am not able to keep it up?

What if I fall back into my old ways?

What if I fail?

Who am I without this old definition, identity, or story?

Will my change and transformation hurt the people that are closest to me?

Will I be abandoned if I really let this go?

Am I really deserving of no longer carrying the weight of my past painful experiences?

Am I truly worthy of the pleasure, freedom, love, and ease that I long for in every cell of my being?

Can I really and truly have it all?

These fears are a representation of the brilliant and intelligently designed constructs that we have created to keep ourselves safe. We can thank ourselves and these parts within us for working so hard to keep us safe for so long. 

When these fears arise, we have an incredible opportunity to lean in and turn towards the parts of ourselves that feel most vulnerable. In these moments, we can become empowered to become the parent and protector that we never had. 

We can learn to truly listen and allow the space of love and compassion that we hold for ourselves to become an alchemical agent, supporting the transformation of our deepest wounds into the expansion of our greatest strengths and gifts. 

The freedom we seek is synonymous with the depth of permission and space we allow ourselves to be wholly and fully ourselves. 

How much permission are you willing to allow yourself today? 

Chasing Freedom: Discovering the Courage to be Wholly and Fully Ourselves 2

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