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Embodied Alignment Sessions 7

Welcome, Courageous Soul!

You’ve had an incredible map within you all along. It is the compass to your deepest and most freely expressed self.

It is an incredible blueprint that can effortlessly guide you to the decisions and choices that are aligned with your highest expression when you have the courage to listen to it.

Embodied Alignment Sessions are curated 1:1 journeys which can entail guided energy mastery practices, visualizations, energetic attunements, and cellular reprogramming to support you in embodying optimal well-being on all levels.

In these sessions, individuals are able to receive intuitive guidance and access deeper insight so they can make the internal shifts needed to align with their highest self, truth, and internal guidance system. 

Embodied Alignment Sessions are designed to support visionary trailblazers in embracing their unique essence and innate genius, so they can live life on their terms, in deep trust and celebration for all that they are. Whether you’re in practice or called to the path, you’re seeking clarity on your purpose, service, alignment, and how your creative energy and genius is meant to flow and express itself.

Do you feel out-of- sync or disconnected from your clarity, confidence, vitality, passion, or sense of purpose in the world?

As a Visionary Mentor and Intuitive Healer, I support you in amplifying your awareness and connection with your higher self and inner ecosystem.

As you deepen your connection with your inner-most self and truth, you develop a refined ability to clearly discern the actions and choices that support your most optimal sense of well-being and wholeness.

You become empowered with the awareness to arrive in deep clarity and acceptance around the things you still might be giving your energy towards that no longer support your highest expression. As well as, the skills and tools to confidently shift from where you are now, to where you most desire to be. 

In our Embodied Alignment journey together you will: 

  • Experience your true self and receive clear guidance from your inner wisdom.
  • Receive more finely tuned recalibration of your mind-body-emotional-energetic systems.
  • Expand your capacity to receive and align with your most optimal state of being within health, wealth, love, relationships, creativity, and business.
  • Free yourself from self-doubt, stagnancy, dissonance, creative blocks and confusion to reveal clarity and confidence around how your energy is meant to be expressed and actualized.
  • Feel powerfully reassured in your sense of purpose and expression of your genius.
  • Activate and amplify your intuition as you reconnect with your deeper purpose for being.
  • Illuminate and embody the innate gifts you are wired to share.
Embodied Alignment Sessions 8

What's included:

  • (1) 60-Minute Embodied Alignment Session
  • Recorded Energy Mastery Practices
  • Additional helpful resources to support your awakening journey.
Embodied Alignment Sessions 9

“Sandra is a masterful space holder, multidimensional channel, psychic Empath and somatic healer.  She effortlessly bridges multiple dimensions, navigating what’s occurring in the body, mind, spirit and energy field through many layers of awareness and thus holds a profound capacity in her reflection and presence for truly quantum healing to instantaneously occur.

I, too, am an energy worker and channel and frankly it’s rare for me to come across another being who holds and embodies the height of vibrational integrity that my soul craves to be held in. Sandra, for me, embodies what’s possible when we are met in the depth of our own presence and offered a clear reflection thru which to see ourselves and naturally release whatever distortion or density is ready to clear and give way to revealing more of who we really are and what we are truly capable of.

Sandra, is clearly here on earth at this time to support other masterful visionaries and energy workers operating amidst very high frequencies with potent callings to be of service to ascension and harmony on Earth at this time. She is a guide and facilitator here to illuminate sacred space in which masterful beings feel deeply held and activated in amplifying their own capacity to heal and align, to unlock new expressions of their intuitive gifts and to feel deeply seen and affirmed in the unique genius their soul is here to express.”

– Sydney Campos, Visionary Mentor & Author of The Empath Experience

Are you ready to experience increased trust and connection with your inner guidance, intuition, and highest self?

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