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Lucidity: A Visionary Incubator 1

Welcome, fellow Visionaries & Trailblazers

I see you and feel your longing to lead a life that is purely on your terms.

It’s not just about the pursuit of freedom. You want to live a life that is free from the limits and expectations of who you think you should be and is actually aligned with who you truly are and what you are here to do.

I know It might feel scary to open yourself up to the innate dreamer and visionary within you who has no limit to their imagination and what they believe they can create. 

The idea of starting over or moving in a completely different direction might feel earth-shattering or feel terrifying. 

And, this is why you’ve avoided it for so long. 

It’s been much easier to stick to what you’ve known and has felt familiar rather than risk moving towards what you’ve most longed for and deeply desired. 

Those gut impulses, signs, and intuitive hits have all been trying to guide you in the direction you’ve always been destined to go. 

Life has brought you to a crossroads and you have a very important choice to make. 

You can continue on living with the same routine and set of rules. Or, you can risk riding the tides of change, follow your heart, and trust and believe in yourself enough to know that you have always held the keys to the life that you most desire to create

Working with Sandra was one of the best things that I did with my time last year. It was Sandra’s ability to help me tune into my own natural tendencies toward self-nurturing, creativity, and ambitiousness that helped me to get out of my own way and feel more aligned with my sense of self. Since working with Sandra, I have completed several significant professional projects and feel renewed passion and connection in my marriage and relationships. I cannot recommend working with Sandra highly enough, she is a phenomenal and genuine woman.”

-Sarah, Psychologist

Lucidity will empower you to:

Lucidity: A Visionary Incubator 2

Sandra Bershad

M.A. Visionary Business Strategist & Intuitive Mentor

  • Illuminate and transform limiting beliefs and conditioned programming.
  • Eliminate confusion and indecision.
  • Find your true purpose.
  • Discover your unique genius.
  •  Confidently grow beyond your perceived limitations.
  •  Radically accept all your greatest vulnerabilities and challenges with gentleness and compassion.
  •  Create the foundation for your most optimal sense of well being.
  • Cultivate boundless trust in your skills, gifts, and unique capacities.
  • Fully liberate your authentic voice so you can feel empowered in the expression of your distinct mission and truth.
  • Develop your capacities as a leader, so you can teach and facilitate with grace, skill, confidence, and trust.
  • Discover how your unique talents and abilities weave together into a powerful platform for catalyzing transformation and social change.

“I’m so grateful to Sandra for the help and guidance she gave me as my life coach. She created space for me to take a deep dive into my intuitive soul and what lights me up the most. This has led to a transformative journey of self-discovery and alignment with my values and future goals. I was able to lay out plans for aligning my career and peel back the layers of what I feel is my greater purpose as an educator.

She also gave me tips on parenting in this digital age along with strategies for understanding my Gen Z kids. In one short year, I have overcome fears and grief that were holding me back and launched a consulting practice of my own. I am a better teacher to my students and I know that she will always be there to support me whenever needed.

Sandra championed my personal development and is a true leader and builds others up. She is also a friend to the people she works with. I am so grateful for her willingness to share her gifts with her clients.”

– Kay Markovic, Educator and Consultant

Lucidity: A Visionary Incubator 3

“Sandie helped me rediscover my own capacity for healing and taught me to use the tools that I have been given to cultivate my awakening. Reminding me that this life is my experience and I have the power to create and shape it as I see fit. She helped me overcome judgements and conditions placed on me by society and self, creating the space for my true essence to blossom. She helped facilitate my transition into a more authentic version of self; Lighter, freer, passionate, powerful, whole. I now have a new house, new job, and a rejuvenated perspective, all which is incredibly nourishing. Thanks to her, I am confident in myself, my path and my purpose.”

– K.L., Integrative Healer & Mother of 2

What's Included

Program Support:

  1. Unlimited Text, voice/audio messages via WhatsApp, and email support between sessions.
  2. Guided meditations, books, exercises, inner work, and attunements. 
  3. Weekly customized inner work, actions, and assignments. Review, notes, and feedback via Google Docs and email. 

(12) Soul Architecture Sessions = (4) Sessions per month for a minimum of (3) Months

Description: Curated 1:1 sessions to support and elevate you in your highest evolution and embodiment.

Description: Strategic 1:1 experience to outline and align your Mission, Vision, Purpose and Intentions/Goals for our container.

  • Description: A multi-faceted healing experience in which we uncover your soul gifts, your innate genius, elevate you into your next level of embodiment and service, including all modalities listed in my Intuitive Healing Offerings – curated to your unique requirements.
  • **55 min session, including a 33 min integration call within the 2 week period of the initial session.

Description: Selected healing modalities at your request to elevate, support and integrate your desired transformation and healing.

Lucidity: A Visionary Incubator 4

Sydney Campos

Visionary Mentor, Author of The Empath Experience, and Co-Founder of Odyssey Convergence


“Sandra is a masterful space holder, multidimensional channel, psychic Empath and somatic healer. She effortlessly bridges multiple dimensions, navigating what’s occurring in the body, mind, spirit and energy field through many layers of awareness and thus holds a profound capacity in her reflection and presence for truly quantum healing to instantaneously occur.

I, too, am an energy worker and channel and frankly it’s rare for me to come across another being who holds and embodies the height of vibrational integrity that my soul craves to be held in. Sandra, for me, embodies what’s possible when we are met in the depth of our own presence and offered a clear reflection thru which to see ourselves and naturally release whatever distortion or density is ready to clear and give way to revealing more of who we really are and what we are truly capable of.

Sandra, is clearly here on earth at this time to support other masterful visionaries and energy workers operating amidst very high frequencies with potent callings to be of service to ascension and harmony on Earth at this time. She is a guide and facilitator here to illuminate sacred space in which masterful beings feel deeply held and activated in amplifying their own capacity to heal and align, to unlock new expressions of their intuitive gifts and to feel deeply seen and affirmed in the unique genius their soul is here to express.”

Program Overview:

Please Note: Each program is customized specifically to the needs of each client. This overview is a snapshot of some of the the things we may cover throughout the duration of our journey together.


1: Goals, intentions, envisioning

Activate and clarify your mission, vision, and purpose. Clarify why you’re here on Earth and what your driving passions are.

During Week 1, we set a powerful container and plant the seeds for your vision and transformation. We will revisit what you are most yearning to change and transform, and explore with great honesty what you are truly desire. We will also do a guided exploration around connecting to your larger dream and ideal vision for your life. We will also outline with great clarity specific goals you’d love to actualize by the end of our time together.

  •  Illuminate your deeper heart’s longing and what you most value, and get crystal clear about your intentions and what your goals are.

2: Excavating your Origin Soul Story

  • Receive a deep, intuitive scan of your energetic, emotional, and soul bodies.
  • Receive a clear mapping of where you might be blocked, out-of-balance, or misaligned on an energetic, emotional, and/or soul level.
  • Be supported in beginning to  pinpoint and illuminate your deep-rooted beliefs, habits, and patterns.
  • Develop greater clarity, self-compassion, and understanding around the origin of your deep rooted beliefs, habits, and patterns.

3: Somatic Awareness- Activating the Bodies Intrinsic Wisdom + Ground

  • Cultivate a deeper connection with your body.
  • Learn to decode and listen to your body’s unique language and wisdom.
  • Discover the way your unique nervous system works and how you can support your nervous system in coming back into balance.
  •  Learn techniques for staying grounded and connected to your sense of center.
  • Learn powerful self-care practices and strategies that help you redefine your relationship with overwhelm, stress, chronic illness and pain.
  • Create a self-care “tool-box” filled with practices that support you in staying nourished and connected with your sense of center.
  • Create a daily practice that supports your overall stress management.
  • Increase your ability to handle overwhelming and stressful situations.
  • Learn to really listen and trust the wisdom of your body, and feel completely confident in your capacity to care for yourself.

4: Energetic Mastery

  • Take stock of where you are leaking or losing energy as a result of unclear boundaries and agreements.
  • Acknowledge where you haven’t been fully standing in your truth.
  •  Develop your capacity to discern when you’ve taken on energy that isn’t yours.
  • Learn powerful energetic clearing practices and how to scan and clear your energetic field, aura, and chakras so that you don’t absorb energy that isn’t in your highest service.
  • Finally put an end to cycles of burn-out and overwhelm, and abandoning your own needs and inner truth out of guilt, shame or unworthiness.

5: Fortifying Your Energetic Field + Anchoring into your Divine Source Connection

  • Re-pattern and unhook from outdated energetic constructs, karmic contracts, and attachments.
  •  Cultivate practices for daily energetic maintenance that support you in maintaining a clear energetic field and staying in connection and alignment with your highest self.

6: Igniting Your Creative Fire

  • Cultivate awareness around your inner sacred feminine and masculine.
  • Discover how having a synergy and communication between the sacred feminine and masculine can deeply serve you and enrich your relationships, creativity, purpose, goals, and career.
  • Learn profound self-nourishment practices that support you in expanding your threshold for pleasure and capacity to create.
  • Cultivate deeper self-love, self-worth, confidence, and magnetism.
  • Crystallize your unique language and your most aligned mediums for amplified expression and creativity.


7: Activating your Intuitive Brilliance

  • Discover and clarify your intuitive gifts.
  • Develop your capacity to listen to your body cues and gut feelings.
  • Learn to utilize your five senses and extra sensory perception to download information about the environment or any situation that arises.
  • Utilize your body as a vehicle to access larger awareness.
  • Connect to your ability to sense subtle energy, higher consciousness, and intuitive insight, from an embodied place.
  • Connect with and develop your intuitive inner compass and become your own “North Star.”
  • Access, trust, and harness your intuitive wisdom.

8: Nurturing Your Sacred Money Relationship

  • Illuminate your deep-rooted beliefs around scarcity, abundance, worth/worthiness, success and failure.
  • Connect with your greater intention and vision for the abundance and success you are most desiring to receive and create.
  • Do deeper level clearing work around the limiting beliefs and programming preventing you from aligning with the true abundance and freedom you are yearning for.
crowning the queen

 9: Uncovering/Unveiling Your Soul’s Purpose

  • Receive a focused career and business coaching assessment.
  • Do a deep, guided, envisioning and exploration around what’s yearning to be birthed and expressed through you.
  • Illuminate, clarify, and intimately get to know your highest values and passions.
  • Reveal the wisdom in your wounds and personal journey.
  • Discover the gems of wisdom that your unique journey has to offer the world.
  • Unearth your core desires and dreams beyond your conditioning.

10: Crafting Your Soul’s Masterpiece

  • Crystallize your Soul’s specific mission + life’s purpose.
  • Do a deep envisioning around your unique offering or dream career.
  • Unearth your unique direction or offering.
  •  Identify your ideal client, business, visionary project, or career path.
  • Initiate the creative and design process around your unique offering or dream career
  • Actualize Your Resonant Soul Audience: Connect with the visionaries, creators, change-makers, and leaders that you are absolutely here to serve.
  • Soul Brand Architecture:
    Uncover your authentic message by uprooting and encoding your brand platform to be in total alignment with your highest calling
  • Visionary Business Design: Create your soul-aligned offerings and program structure
  • Systems with Soul: Design your Soul Aligned Business systems and infrastructures
meditation instruction sandie bershad

11: Leaning Into Your Edge, Leaping, & Taking Bold Action

Receive clear mentorship and direction to:

  • Connect to your big picture dream and vision, and your specific goal(s).
  • Create a clear and realistic timeline.
  • Select and work on a focused project or assignment that is in alignment with your larger vision and goal(s).
  • Outline the specific steps and projects needed to support the actualization of your goal(s).
  • Break down your projects into clear instructions and actions steps to support you in the follow-through necessary to meeting your goal(s).
  • Choose the perfect medium and “date” to unveil your work or the next evolution of your career to the world.
  • Embody your Soul Vision and ignite and unveil your Soul Offering – launch your program, your event, your platform!
  •  Receive curated strategic support and resources to amplify your upgrades going forward, etc. including graphic design, website development, embodiment photography, everything you could dream of to fully elevate your mission, message, and offerings.
  •  Walk through the threshold into the next phase of your dream career and life’s larger purpose.

12: Initiation and Closure: The Importance of Celebration and Integration

• Participate in a Rites of Passage Ceremony.
• Be supported in fully acknowledging and honoring of every aspect of the journey.
• Receive appreciations and be celebrated for all that you’ve accomplished!
• Re-affirm your intentions, goals, and action steps for the next 6-months.

“I met Sandie by happenstance. I wasn’t looking for a coach, but I was searching for answers and trying to recover from a debilitating nose dive where my health, relationships and purpose in life all came to a crashing halt. I went from being a highly functioning, successful woman of the world with a loving husband, a plethora of friends and abundance to a very lonely, depressed individual incapable of orienting myself. I was doing everything possible to find my ground when I met Sandie. Upon meeting her I instantly knew I would benefit from her experience.

Her incredible gifts, intuition and insight have helped me uncover a new path of Soul Discovery. Sandie has assisted me in accessing an aspect of Self that I did not even know existed. She doesn’t tell you where the light switch is located but instead through her patience, kindness, gentleness, knowing, and strength of spirit will help you find it for yourself.”

– Jacqueline Purmort, Sales and Marketing Consultant

Lucidity: A Visionary Incubator 5

“Sandra was able to attune to my needs and make me feel comfortable, at ease and really listened to and heard. I felt like her healing energy and focus was like a gentle flashlight, shining into my consciousness, mind, body & spirit, revealing the spaces that needed to be healed and the divine presence that was all around.


I felt like for the first time, I was able to open up light into my heart with a voice that said, “your okay, everything is going to be okay, remember who you are.” Thank you Sandra for the light that you are and all that you do!”

— Katherine, Meditation Teacher & Life Coach

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