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Private Mentorship


(1-1) Deep-Dive Immersions

Private Mentorship

(1-1) Deep-Dive Immersions

Private Mentorship


(1-1) Deep-Dive Immersions

Mentorship 1

Are you ready to live a life in fierce devotion to what ignites your deepest alignment with your most authentic essence?

Those that choose to work with me usually have a fascination with the wild and irreverent, and deep regard for challenging the status quo in service to the greater good. 

Visionaries, Change-makers, Disruptors and Creatives all find a sense of home with me, and truly, any individual that isn’t afraid to traverse the wild unknown in order to create the possibility of a life that values consistent freedom, pleasure, well-being and the pursuit of what sets their soul on fire. 

I am an eternal student of the way our imprints and history shape us in a way that is either supporting our overall well-being or disrupting our natural alignment with our innate wholeness.

Through this deep, co-creative container,  we get to the bottom of why you feel out-of-sync or disconnected from your pleasure, innate power, creative potential, and freedom. You discover how to access and liberate your true self by learning to listen on a whole different level and becoming accustomed to a completely new way of operating.

Building out a new operating system isn’t always easy, but different layers of support make it possible for us to achieve what we never thought would be possible. 


Is this you?


Throughout this process, you receive my undivided presence, energy, skillsets, and devotion to empowering your personal growth to the next level and help you up-level creatively, personally, and professionally.

This process helps you anchor and align with the foundational structures and support systems that enhance your life and optimize the way you relate with stress so you can orient towards pleasure and a consistent baseline for well-being.

You become empowered in living the way that you know life works for you, freeing up energy and vitality that was tied up in draining relational dynamics and unconscious habits that no longer serve you in their current form.

You discover that when you prioritize caring for yourself and honor the exact ways your expression and energy wants to flow, the universe conspires to support the actualization of your deepest dreams and most aligned, turned-on , purposeful and pleasure-filled existence.



Wild wisdom to nurture you staying true to you

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