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When Dorothy said, “there is no place like home,” she didn’t realize that truer words had never been said.

Inner home is the place where we feel a deep sense of connection and trust in all that we are. We feel a confidence in our direction and a sense of ease around the ways we feel called to express ourselves and that which we feel drawn to create.

We feel in sync with our intuitive wisdom and the subtle nudges and feedback that are continuously flowing through us from Source.

We aren’t afraid to allow ourselves to dream or of what the future might hold because we know no matter what is happening outside of us we’ve completely got ourselves.

In order to show up in our highest sense of alignment, we need to develop an ability to acutely listen to the intuitive feedback being reflected to us through our inner world and develop the courage to trust where we are being guided.


“I’m so grateful to Sandra for the help and guidance she gave me as my life coach. She created space for me to take a deep dive into my intuitive soul and what lights me up the most. This has led to a transformative journey of self-discovery and alignment with my values and future goals. I was able to lay out plans for aligning my career and peel back the layers of what I feel is my greater purpose as an educator. She also gave me tips on parenting in this digital age along with strategies for understanding my Gen Z kids. In one short year, I have overcome fears and grief that were holding me back and launched a consulting practice of my own. I am a better teacher to my students and I know that she will always be there to support me whenever needed. Sandra championed my personal development and is a true leader and builds others up. She is also a friend to the people she works with. I am so grateful for her willingness to share her gifts with her clients.”

.- Kay Markovic, Educator and Consultant

We will be utilizing a combination of guided meditation, energy mastery techniques, group energy healing, and intuitive channeling to elevate awareness around our own personal habits and programming and connect with the energetic template that supports our highest sense of alignment.

Synergy 2

In this free hour long experiential immersion, we will be cultivating a potent energetic container to:

– Open up the channels of communication with your higher self
– Clear residual energy that is no longer aligned with your authentic essence and truth
– Connect with the felt sense of inner home within your body and being

Synergy 2

“Sandra is a master at creating a safe space in which you will feel completely held energetically to allow for a deeper healing experience to occur. She can read your energy and identify the patterns that you are holding, as well as gently guide you to repattern your sensitive nervous system in way that doesn’t feel overwhelming. .In the short time I have worked with her, She helped me identify a deep subconscious belief I didn’t even know I was carrying, gaining a greater awareness of where I was holding myself back.She is truly a gem and I highly recommend anyone who is highly sensitive or empathic to work with her!”

– Joyce Reuter, Intuitive Spiritual Mentor

About Your Facilitator:

Sandra Bershad, M.A. is a visionary mentor and awakening catalyst deeply devoted to empowering people in becoming intimate with the resonance of their highest truth and inner guidance. She is on a mission to create spaces of radical permission that invite individuals to tap into the full spectrum of their inner knowing, visions, gifts, and the specific genius they are meant to share.

As a truth resonator and amplifier, she strives to demystify the perception that we need something outside ourselves to connect with our intrinsic nature that is infinite, innately wise, and already whole. Her approach has been forged through rigorous study of the merging between mind, body, spirit, and hard science, a deep passion for healing and growth, and the clinical application of therapeutic modalities, healing arts, and spiritual traditions.

She has a Master’s Degree in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology and dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Somatic Psychology and Psychology of Health and Healing. Recognized for her intuitive gifts and psychic abilities, she has appeared on Anderson Cooper, Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense, Good Morning America, and The Doctors.


“Sandra is a masterful space holder, multidimensional channel, psychic Empath and somatic healer. She effortlessly bridges multiple dimensions, navigating what’s occurring in the body, mind, spirit and energy field through many layers of awareness and thus holds a profound capacity in her reflection and presence for truly quantum healing to instantaneously occur. I, too, am an energy worker and channel and frankly it’s rare for me to come across another being who holds and embodies the height of vibrational integrity that my soul craves to be held in. Sandra, for me, embodies what’s possible when we are met in the depth of our own presence and offered a clear reflection thru which to see ourselves and naturally release whatever distortion or density is ready to clear and give way to revealing more of who we really are and what we are truly capable of.Sandra, is clearly here on earth at this time to support other masterful visionaries and energy workers operating amidst very high frequencies with potent callings to be of service to ascension and harmony on Earth at this time. She is a guide and facilitator here to illuminate sacred space in which masterful beings feel deeply held and activated in amplifying their own capacity to heal and align, to unlock new expressions of their intuitive gifts and to feel deeply seen and affirmed in the unique genius their soul is here to express.”

– Sydney Campos, Author of the Empath Experience

8aM-9aM MT.

8aM-9aM MT.

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